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Boost Your Bottom Line
Let the WellnessLiving System help you increase your profits by attracting new leads from around the web, converting those leads into paying customers while boosting referrals from your existing client base.
Automated All-in-One Solution
The WellnessLiving system is a full featured, business management tool. Combining online booking, staff and resource scheduling, point of sale, detailed reporting, reputation management and automated email marketing, it provides everything you need to run your business.
Simple and Easy to Use
We listened to the requirements of over 1000+ businesses to build the most intuitive, easy to use business management tool on the market. An elegant and simple user interface houses a robust, feature rich system that you can setup within minutes.

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Feedback From Real Users.

Our software system speaks for itself.

My customers love the loyalty reward points program, we reward students for doing certain actions like, writing reviews and sharing them on facebook & twitter, booking and attendance activity, taking advantage of promotions, and so much more. Every time they login to their accounts they see a real time leaderboard with their score, and once they accumulate enough points, they can redeem those points for prizes! For something similar to this, I had to pay additional fees to a third-party partner that integrated with the software I was using, not anymore!

Rodger & Lakiesha Williams

I have been using Mindbody since 2009, they were just not cutting it anymore for my growing business. I felt the need to leave, but I was worried about the transition for my clients and me losing data. The WL migration team was great through the bumps in the road and helped me get it all right. They moved over 3000 client profiles, future appointments and classes for all 3 studios. I can truly say WellnessLiving has helped me grow my business, In fact the growth has been so good that in 2016 we will be adding two more studios.

Allison Zang

Barefoot Studio changed over to WellnessLiving in July and the support staff was one of the most willing and able set of people we have ever worked with. They answered all our questions, fixed our errors as we learned the new system and removed the chaos that existed before we joined. Everything is under one roof and is simple to find and use. Also, the ability to manage the system by employees has reduced the number of errors and makes it easy to catch problems and retrain employees.

Julie Behar

Within 24 hours we went from a demo to having our system up and running. The onboarding process was easy and we were ready to start making revenue immediately. We couldn't be happier with the software or the speedy responses from the team when we have a question. I personally sat through 7 demos with competing software companies and WellnessLiving is simply head and shoulders above the rest. Finally, our clients love the ability to manage their accounts, book their favorite bike and reserve a spot in class online from their phones.

Chris & Sarah Dickinson

The WellnessLiving CS team is knowledgeable and very helpful. The features are fantastic and easy to use for both my clients and me! Since switching from my previous software provider and joining WellnessLiving, I have had a tremendous influx of new clients finding me through WL’ marketing automations, and my long-time clients are finding WellnessLiving much easier to use, which makes my life a lot easier.

Steffan de Graffenried

I used the software almost all yoga & fitness studios use, the day I was able to stop using it was the first day I felt free! I am now able to send specific targeted emails to each member depending on what number of classes they have attended.  This is so powerful, because I can't be there to know when each person shows up, and this helps give the perception of me being able to connect with all the new faces every month. Now I have complete visibility of my business all the time, it is like a super front desk employee, all automated and consistent to the tasks I need as a business owner.

Cody Bramlett

The WellnessLiving system makes running my business so much easier. Everything is so simple and easy to use, I didn’t need to spend any time on the phone with a customer support agent.  This system is all about automation and I love it!

Carlo Balagasay

The WellnessLiving software has made everything so much easier; from tracking attendance, to modifying the schedule and communicating with prospects via email marketing campaigns. I now have so much more time and the proper reporting tools to analyze my business, with a couple clicks I can just about pull any report I need and as a result, my business has increased 40% from the first quarter of last year.

Gregg Smith

As a small business owner, every dollar counts. I need the money not only to grow, but run my business. Next day funding is one of the biggest things for me, when customers make credit card purchases, the money is deposited into my account the next morning, with MINDBODY I was waiting 3-5 days to get MY OWN money. Also, the usability has made life so much easier for my customers, there is no more pinching to zoom and they are finally able to easily do everything from their phones without calling me.

Reynaldo Fajardo

The Dynamic Wellness Living System is a must-have for any fitness business administrators. It is easy to use, flexible, allows you to look up client info seamlessly such as detailed class attendance records and remaining eligible classes. Managing your classes schedule is also a breeze, clients are automatically notified if class changes affect them via email or SMS, I love that! This allows us focus on what we do best, and worry about the admin parts less.

Ron & Lily Ko

We've made more money using this software! Mainly because of its ease-of-use, and ease of implementation. It's so simple to send a client or a prospect a link to sign up or buy whichever packages they like. The software works seamless with our online promotions that we've been running. Additionally, after setting up the marketing component It's more fun to check my email in the morning and see that I've woke up to another sale from someone I've never even met, or even spoke to.

Nate Mcintyre

After spending years of frustration with another system, we finally made the jump to WellnessLiving. We were surprised by the attentiveness of the staff and how much easier the software it is to use. We liked that they use the same key cards, and we didn't have to purchase new equipment. So far our members love it too. We would definitely recommend this software.

Kacie Bryant

What I love about the WellnessLiving site is how easy it was to set up, and sell monthly WiggleKids memberships to our clients. The icons in our back office 'store' are colorful, easy to find and very simple to set up as well. WellnessLiving auto bills my clients monthly for me so I can spend more time teaching and reacting to the other needs of the business.

Kimberly Ferrara
Founder and President
of WiggleKids Inc.

My company provides mobile one on one, small group boot camps and online training. WellnessLiving gives me the ability to continue adding services while managing everything in one place. It goes without saying that the business end of WL creates easy to read financial reports, email campaigns, class sign up tracking and notifications. I especially love the rewards program that allows me to customize how to reward my clients for class attendance, healthy habits and which keeps my clients engaged at all times.

Greg Bell

This has pretty much anything you need as a fitness studio owner, and a customer. It has recurring billing, makes managing my schedule easy, it integrates with my credit card swiper, it allows us to use punch cards and we can enter complete information about customers. It's not only leaps up from what we were using before, but definitely the best software I've ever seen for studios. They are constantly adding new features we need and they are very responsive to questions and our needs. Lastly, the customer service is outstanding.

Cindy Schembre and Robby Huang
Co-Owners,Revel Fitness

In WellnessLiving It’s so easy to read financial reports, send email campaigns, sign up for classes for my customers and tracking. I Love the rewards program, I can customize how I reward clients for class attendance, referrals and even healthy habits, which keeps my clients engaged at all times. WellnessLiving’s staff walked me through the program and ensured I understood everything, they were/are with me every step of the way!

Dave Crane
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