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The Software Company
With a Heart

Our customers are the heart and soul of our business! That's why we go above and beyond to serve and take the customer experience to whole new heights!

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Helping Business Owners
Easily Run Their Business

Whether you are a small yoga studio or a multi-location gym, it is our goal to make it easier to start, run, and grow your business! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will guide you through picking the right package for your needs, importing your data, training you on the best tools and answering any and every question you have. From making sales, scheduling staff, to building a loyal clientele with email marketing, it is our mission to be your all-in-one solution.


Getting Diversity Right

At WellnessLiving, we bring everyone together to create something incredible! We’re a unique and diverse blend of leaders and action-takers, helping disrupt the business management software space in new and creative ways. That mindset encompasses our passion and commitment to the product, our customers and the team. We are all family and we can't do it without each other.



The Story Behind
the CEO & COO

CEO Len Fridman and COO Sasha Davids were childhood friends who lost touch. That all changed when Len was on vacation in Jamaica and thought he saw a familiar face – Sasha!

The pair spent the whole week catching up. Sasha discovered Len’s problems with MindBody and when they got back to Toronto, Canada, they agreed to disrupt the software industry and form a partnership – and just like that, WellnessLiving was born!

Their infectious spirit will draw you in, but being treated like family is what will keep you coming back.

Our success is your success!

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