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Evie Caron is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates Instructor and Johnny G certified Spinning Instructor who has been in the fitness industry since the early 1980s. She enjoys working with clients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Evie's pursuit of her personal training certification was highly driven by her passion for sports (she began working towards being a proficient golfer at the age of 6) and interest in the biomechanics of physical movement. She now recognizes her greatest job satisfaction comes from her ability to encourage and lead her clients on their road to wellness. This wellness journey involves teaching her clients how to work with their unique body structure to allow for positive and long-term change. She emphasizes that this work must incorporate physical movement as well as nutritional and emotional support. Evie's fitness motto is simple and straightforward: Plan the training, Execute the training and Empower the soul for life! Evie holds a BA from Bates College and is currently enrolled at UMass Lowell doing coursework in Anatomy and Physiology. Evie enjoys working with clients of all ages and ability levels. She will be spending her second summer instructing kids in math and athletics at the Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, NH. She also consults with Cardigan's wrestling coach on techniques and strategies for core strength and conditioning during her stay there.Evie is a long distance runner and cyclist who lives in Andover with her husband, Steve, four children and two dogs. She loves spending her free time reading and taking trips with her family and friends.

Pilates training with Evie has allowed me to regain strength and decrease pain from previous back surgery and chronic sciatica. She focuses on proper movement and alignment such that I am less prone to repeat injury. She works respecting my limitations while slowly pushing the boundaries of what I can do. My posture is improved and more importantly I have returned to prior activities that I thought were no longer possible. Joanne N., Andover, MA.

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