Studio C

Health Club  in Arlington , VA

2444 26th Rd S Studio C
Arlington , VA , 22206
  • Health Club in Arlington, VA
  • Health Club in Arlington, VA
  • Health Club in Arlington, VA

Studio C

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Arlington , VA , 22206
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We believe:


  1. Uncompromising Integrity is Paramount

  2. Changing Lives and Transforming Our Society is Possible

    The best way to criticize broken or enslaving systems is, not to complain but, to create something better. As facilitators of change, we impart knowledge and foster an environment of stewardship. 
  3. Each Person's Body Possesses a Powerful and Innate Healing Capability

    Regardless of age, our bodies desire and are capable of being well, having ample energy, maintaining ideal weight, and preventing and reversing illness. 

  4. We Don't Know Everything

    Arrogance has no place in our business. Despite our strong views, we must remain humble, open to constructive criticism, and be respectful of differing views. While striving for greater insight and wisdom, we must subject all information to healthy skepticism. 

  5. Only Applied Knowledge Is Power

    Beyond knowing, we must act. Compelling knowledge, coupled with appropriately directed passion are powerful motivators of real change. There is no substitute for personal responsibility and self-discipline.

  6. Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

    We consciously and continuously build our family, not just a team. We hire and invest in people whose character matches our culture and are passionate about our mission. We value, encourage, and support each other by respecting each other's time, opinions, and dreams and by choosing to believe the best about each other.

  7. Exceptional Hospitality Must Be Ferociously Guarded

  8. Fun is Fundamental

  9. Continuous Innovation is Imperative

Kids,  Adult,  Seniors,  Pre\Post Natal

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6am - 9pm
6am - 9pm
6am - 9pm
6am - 9pm
6am - 9pm
9am - 6pm
9am - 6pm
* Holiday Schedules Vary - Please contact us for more info