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Tom Hogan

Tom Hogan has been teaching yoga in Boston for five years. His classes utilize a simple, rhythmic flow. Each class is consistent in its therapeutic approach of harmonizing the nervous system while strengthening and stretching key muscles, all while expressing the spontaneity and playfulness of a flowing style of practice. Tom has been studying yoga for ten years, and his teaching is a reflection of an honest inquiry into the causes of happiness and inner peace. He sees time on the yoga mat not only as a time to take care of the physical body, but also as an opportunity to tend to the garden of the mind and spirit. He encourages his students to cultivate outer harmony in the strength of the body, and inner harmony in the mind, spirit, and psyche. His teaching style is greatly influenced by Rolf Gates, with whom Tom has studied vinyasa yoga, and Santosh Karmacharya, with whom Tom is currently studying physiology and biomechanics.

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