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Hydro-Fit • $20.00

If swimming laps is not for you, consider our new Hydro-Fit program! Water exercise is all about moving water and creating resistance to get a wonderful non-impact workout. Hydro-fit is a full body workout that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, build your cardio endurance, as well as increase your mobility. This workout incorporates the use of a variety of equipment including aqua flotation belt, water resistant bar bells, kick boards, and fins that keep this program fun and challenging. So whether you want non-impact athletic training or if you need to stay active while you heal and recover from injury, our new Hydro-fit program is for you! Come enjoy the water, hydro-fit is exercise that feels good!
This class is also offered:
Tuesday, March 3th
8:15 - 9:00am Sha
Thursday, March 5th
8:15 - 9:00am Sha

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