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Total Body Conditioning • $20.00

Class Description: Increase muscle strength through carrying out a high number of repetitions, while building up your cardiovascular endurance in the process.  This class incorporates strength and cardio segments using equipment such as free weights and resistance bands. Conditioning the total body through full range of motion movements involving multiple muscles is the best way to get the lean, agile and strong body that you desire, with the added bonus of cardiovascular endurance!

Recommended Equipment: Yoga Mat and towel

Special instructions

Location: Rollingwood Park Pavilion

Equipment: Must bring yoga mat and towel 

Parking: Upper Parking Lot at Upper Park (no parking in front of Rollingwood Town Hall or small parking lot at lower park)

No Show/Late Cancelation Fee-  $15

Cancelation Deadline is 12 hours prior to class start time.   If cancel after 12 hour window, a $15 cancelation fee will apply.

This class is also offered:
Thursday, April 15th
7:30 - 8:15am Kathleen
8:30 - 9:15am Kathleen

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