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Hello my name is Chris Cuciurean. It is my passion to help You through teaching, healing, coaching, writing, and channeling the spiritual realm of angels, guides, and ascended masters for guidance and support.

As a young child, I was very intuitive, and very aware of angels, guides, and ascended masters. As I grew, I forgot my spiritual connectedness, and learned to get by on my intellect. I grew up an A student in school. I excelled in math and science. I graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo in 1991 and used my ‘left-brain’ skills to excel in the high-tech, computer business for over 10 years. I had achieved more than anyone had expected, but something was missing.

I had put God and angels aside until the year 2002 when I learned to meditate. In my meditations, I often travelled out of my body and experienced expanded and altered forms of consciousness. I also sensed and communicated with other beings from the spiritual world. I began to wonder what was happening to me, and I also began to explore who and what these other beings were. I soon learned about angels. I realized that my angels had been trying to get my attention. I began communicating with my own guardian angels and Archangel Michael directly. And although I was becoming aware that I was highly psychic, I didn’t yet know how to utilize this gift.

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