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Annissa Crimp started her Journey to healing in 2012 when she received her first Reiki treatment. Since that day, her enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge regarding holistic healing has led her into a world of exploration. Having completed numerous meditation programs, trying Yoga, and reading multitude of books, she began utilizing what she learned in her personal life.
Annissa received her Level 1 Reiki accreditation in 2017 and was absolutely convinced that her role in life was to be a teacher and light worker and to spread love and healing to the world.
Now, in 2019 Annissa has completed her Life Coaching Certification. With a focus on love and authenticity, Annissa works with those who are seeking positive change, clarity, and action. She’s honoured to help clients realise their true values, beliefs and goals, and to live their most deserving, fulfilled lives.
Come coach with Annissa and rediscover all that you have within.

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