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Wellness Room

KSS Wellness Room gives clients the opportunity to access four amazing healing therapies: infrared sauna, red light therapy, vibration plate, and a liquid vibroacoustic bed. You get to choose what to use and how long to use it based on the length of your session. Every visit can be a different experience, and we like to think of it as a choose your own wellness adventure!


Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna - Our low EMF sauna is encased in standard far infrared panels, with additional near and mid infrared heaters for optional use to amplifiy your session. Our mini fridge is stocked with water bottles and cool wash cloths for sauna users to enjoy.

Sonic Vibration Plate Machine - Uniquely different than typical vibe plates due to using sonic sound waves to create the vibrations. This is the easiest way to stimulate the lymphatic system, and is extremely beneficial to do before a sauna session

Full Body Red Light Panel - Relax on the bed and enjoy the gente warmth of our red light body panel. Red light therapy is excellent at treating pain/inflammation, increasing cirulation, speeding recovery, and stimulating mitochondrial activity = anti-aging effects! Be sure to rotate from front and back so both sides receive treatment.

Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Bed - Vibroacoustics stimulates muscles, increases blood flow and moves fluid throughout the body. The regular use of Vibroacoustics decreases muscle tension, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, builds bone mass, reduces fat accumulation, calms the stomach, and creates a peaceful mood. There are different programs to choose from that have specific health and wellness benefits.

You can book individual sessions, purchase session packs, or for the best value opt into our membership program

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