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I walked into my first yoga class in 2012 in search for a practice that would help me strengthen my body and improve my physical health. This first class was everything I could wish for. It was challenging, entertaining, empowering and left me feeling a tiny bit lighter afterwards. 3 weeks later I signed up for a yoga challenge and the spent the next 30 consecutive days on my mat. In the course of that month Not only I gained strength but also clarity of thought. I noticed that my mind slowed down allowing me to live through every moment of my day in a more conscious way. And just like that, yoga became an essential part of my life.

In 2016 I graduated from Yoga To The People with a 200-hour teacher certification and have been teaching ever since. Currently, I'm taking a 500-hour teacher training at Yoga Tree with the concentration on overall wellbeing.

I find great joy in guiding others to find inner teacher through yoga and start making healthy choices in all aspects of their lives. In my classes I focus on bringing my students’ attention to the alignment within the postures while encouraging them to find their own challenge in pursuing the proper form. By using suggestive language, I attempt to stir up their curiosity to dig deeper and find their own meaning behind the every-day yoga practice.

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