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Holly Frances, RYT combines the classical teachings and
philosophies of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga with intuitive movements to
create relevant, intelligently- sequenced classes. She has
instructed practitioners aged four to eighty, all the way from
California to Virginia to South America. In Blacksburg, Virginia,
she spent several years with her nose in the classical and modern
texts on yoga, studying Hatha in the Bishnu Ghosh lineage, yoga
therapy, and vinyasa. Holly moved to the Bay Area in 2015 from the
Appalachian mountains in Virginia, a place her heart still calls
home. She is inspired by the wisdom and beauty of landscapes- the
wild and ancient mountains, the spaciousness of the desert, and the
fluidity and continuity of the ocean. Her vinyasa classes are
dance-like, poetic, and a bit unorthodox, informed by her own
experiences of darkness and light. Holly integrates her coursework
in psychotherapy to create a class that engages all aspects of
being- body, brain, and heart. Her teaching is sensitive to the
evocative nature of a yoga practice, and she creates ample space
for the inevitable arising of emotion, memory, and at times
discomfort. She curates an experience for the practitioner that is
seamless and uninterrupted, weaving together balances and long
holds with transitional postures. Her sequences are often circular,
taking the yogi all the way around the mat. Classes are accompanied
by cool-toned and atmospheric playlists made specifically for the
practice. She works inspire courageousness, authenticity, empathy,
and resiliency in each of her beloved students.

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