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Body Conditioning • $20.00

The fact that this class has the word ‘body’ in it, should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. It’s a whole body workout based on High Intensity Interval Training Method that can improve your overall fitness, which also makes it one of our most versatile classes. Body Conditioning classes are perfect if you’re training hard for your own particular sport and just as ideal if you simply want to get in great shape and feel better about your body.
It’s not necessarily just for fitness fanatics either. Despite being quite an intense workout that requires a reasonable amount of motivation, our instructors should be able to adapt the class to suit different fitness levels.
Because Body Conditioning classes promise an all-round workout for all parts of your body, they’re a high energy, high impact session combining aerobics and toning in one class. You’ll probably kick off with some aerobics style cardio routines to suitably energizing music, then move on to some more focused resistance work. This could involve floor mats and hand weights and possibly body bars and exercise balls too. There’s plenty going on, but our trained instructors will make sure you’re always exercising safely and effectively and also make sure that you get what you want out of the session.
We’re not promising a complete transformation in a matter of weeks, but with a certain amount of effort and dedication you could certainly be well on the way towards a better body than you’ve ever had before.

This class is also offered:
Wednesday, October 23th
6:45 - 7:45pm Amy Henderson

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