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Burlesque & Chair Dance: Designed to help you find your inner burlesque bombshell, in this class you will learn burlesque basics like the bump & grind, shimmy, boa tease, chair routines, and floor work. Bring your heels and shape your body and your confidence in this fun and sexy class. No dance experience required, no poles used.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes. If you are a paying drop in customer or FitPass, Groupon holder and you do not cancel before the 24 hour required period, you will lose not be allowed to reschedule your class, unless paying the Late Cancel Fee $8.
All Classes Require Online Reservations and a minimum of 4 reserved or class will be canceled. Thank you for your understanding!

Class Pricing $15 per class.
Package of classes and Memberships are available!
Call 214.821.0123 for further informations.
This class is also offered:
Friday, July 26th
6:45 - 7:45pm Courtney Crave

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