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Since 2014, Josef Serfaty, a.k.a. Coach Josef, has been guiding his clients toward their fitness goals, whether it's fat-loss, increased strength, getting toned, or improved endurance to keep with the kids.  Using a holistic approach, the programs he designs are based on the individual’s current fitness capabilities with a focus on functional training and metabolic conditioning.  Josef is a certified Personal Training Specialist and Healthy-Eating & Weight-Loss Coach, Senior Tactical Fitness Instructor, Lebert Fitness Instructor and Brand Ambassador, Theragun Performance Specialist, and a certified Kettlebell Coach. However, he’s more than your ordinary personal trainer.  He’s a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (Mindset Coach), which allows for that “beyond-the-rep” experience within each session.
Being an advocate for mental health, Josef is also a Resiliency Keynote Speaker, most recently for Project H.O.P.E. Academy founded by SGT Ken, and the host of The Mindfully Resilient Podcast.  His journey into resilience started with a flame of inspiration to be the best version of himself after an eye-opening boot camp, followed by a lecture on resilience at the Canfitpro Fitness Conference in 2013.  He believes everyone deserves to experience that same empowering flame.  Josef’s passion is to serve and lead others on their journeys to be the best versions of themselves and to inspire them to live every day with joy, curiosity, and passion.

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