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team member since June 2005


My Why:

I was so surprised when I learned that behaviour, not infectious disease, is the leading killer of pets in North America.  87% of dog owners complain about having one or more behavioural problems.  The number one reason for a dog being surrendered or given up is for behaviour problems as they become frustrating, cumbersome, expensive, or time-consuming for an owner.  Behaviour problems are also the number one reason why someone would eliminate a dog from their adoption options when wanting to add a furry family member to their household.  Of these ‘un-adoptable’ or ‘unwanted’ animals, 50% to 70% of them end up being euthanized. 

By focusing on problem solving behaviour issues, we can help dog owners feel confident and competent in working through any challenge over every stage and every age of their dog’s life.  There are easy ways to incorporate working with a dog in to every day routines so it becomes part of a lifestyle versus a chore owners have to set aside time to do.  We focus on helping people understand canine communication and developing a deeper understand for what a dog truly needs to be happy, mentally and physically balanced, and to feel safe.

Bottom line is, we at CleverCanines, save dog’s lives through innovative training, exceptional education, and the highest level of care.  


My Advice:

It is a gazillion times more fun having a trained dog who is confident, can get along with other people or dogs, will respond to commands regardless of distractions, and who is respectful of you, others and the environment.  These dogs can go more places, do more things, and are welcomed pretty much everywhere.  Your dog needs you to become a well informed, well educated owner so you can provide the support, guidance and direction needed to provide the best life possible for your dog and your family.  Training is the key to help dog owners experience freedom.

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