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team member since March 2016


My Why:

Be kind, be compassionate, be empathetic, and be passionate. If there is something that I love about clevercanines (and I love a lot of things, let me tell you!) it’s that their common purpose allows me the opportunity to live by my values each and every day. It’s my goal to help people understand their dogs behaviour, and all options available to them, so that they can go on to have successful, wonderful, long-lasting relationships. 


My Advice: 

Being consistent is the most compassionate thing that you can do for your dog. They’re looking to you for guidance, for rules, and for structure - all things that make them feel confident, secure, and safe. With this in mind, it’s SO important to remember that your dog is always learning from you. Always. Whether it be through your direct actions with them or the actions they simply observe. Your dog will learn what behaviours are acceptable by both actively being taught them as well as simply being allowed to perform them, so make sure that ‘sometimes’ and ‘maybe’ and ‘just this once’ aren’t part of your vocabulary. Remember: consistency is kindness.

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