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team member since March 2016


My Why:

I was first introduced to pupstart when I participated in the program with Lucy, my Chocolate Labrador, in April 2015.  I found that the class was inclusive, highly informative, easy to understand, and fun to be in. I enjoyed the socialization aspect of the class, with not only other puppies, but with other dog owners. It acted as a forum to discuss personal goals and challenges that others were facing, made you aware that you were not alone in this learning experience.  

Approximately a year later I saw that CleverCanines was hiring and based upon my past experience with pupstart decided it as a good opportunity to join the company. I strongly supported the message that CleverCanines does not discriminate against the breed or age of  a dog, and most importantly, are willing to take on a wide variety of dog behaviours challenges, and goals.  I have found that working with clients and their dogs has been more rewarding then I could have ever imagined. Working with dogs has not been without its challenging moments, but it is all worth it when I see a smile on a clients face after their dog has exceeded their own expectations.  I have enjoyed a great relationship with my dogs all due to the training that I have received through CleverCanines, and I wish to share that experience with everyone.


My Advice:

If I could give any advice to future clients it would be that there are no bad dogs; every dog is unique in their own way. Every dog can learn to sit, lay down, jump, etc. It all depends on how much effort us, as dog owners, want to put in to help the dog reach their full potential. Change does not happen over night, but with clear and consistent leadership you can build an amazing relationship with your dog. 

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