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team member since February 2018

My Why:

Working for clevercanines allows me the opportunity to change someone’s relationship with their dog.  If a dog owner enjoys the relationship then they are less likely to give up that dog to a shelter or to put their dog down because of behavioural issues.  Every day I go to work I see the growth in the relationship between the clients and their dogs.    

I work with clevercanines because I value what the company stands for and the change that they are trying to make one dog at a time.  They support clients and employees through every step of their journey.  I love that once you become a client with clevercanines, you are always a client with clevercanines.  


My Advice:

The one thing that I have learned while working with clevercanines is that you should always check on your emotions when you are working with your dog.  If you are frustrated or upset because your dog is not acting the way you think they should be, then you are not going to be able to properly work with your dog in that moment.   It’s important to check in with your emotions and if you need a break try swapping your dog with another client or spouse or the instructor. 

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