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team member since March 2013


My Why:

I first joined ether clevercanines team as a client in jumpstart, fall of 2009.  My dog, Keisha, was a handful.  Adopted at 10 months, she came with her own set of issues.  I had no idea how to help her become a balanced dog.  The steps we gained as a team increased as we went from jumpstart to core the following year.  clevercanines helped me and Keisha enormously and I wanted to share that with others.  In 2010 I started volunteering in the core program and officially joined the clevercanines team in 2013.

My ability to help others with their canine family members has only grown over the years.  The thrill of seeing how much an often simple change in technique or approach can help our clients never fails to excite me.


My Advice:

My one piece of advice is “No tension, no tension, no tension” on that leash. I have even been known to approach total strangers and start a dialogue with them so that I have the opportunity to share this bit of advice.  It can be a game changer.  This one simple technique changes the way others, especially other dogs, view and react to your dog.  In addition it gives you the ability to stay in control and be the leader your dog needs you to be.

I look forward to continuing to learn and share my journey with clevercanines!

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