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team member since February 2016


My Why:

I joined the clevercanines team because the experience of going through core transformed my relationship with my dog Nico.  Prior to core my walks with Nico were not much fun and I did not trust Nico in off-leash situations.  After completing core I joined club360 and found I was able to proudly and confidently include Nico in all aspects of my life.  As a clevercanines instructor, it is my goal to teach clients the skills and provide them with the tools they need in order to have the confidence and trust to go anywhere and do anything with their own dogs.

My strong connection to the clevercanines team is rooted in all the incredible people I am surrounded with on a daily basis.  My colleagues are tremendously dedicated and generous individuals who share a common passion for improving the lives of people and their dogs.  Our clients are the reason I am always excited to go to class.  I love the way each class quickly develops into a tight knit community who support one another unconditionally – happy to share in successes and incredibly supportive during challenges.  clevercanines is an amazing community that I am proud to be a member of.


My Advice:

The most important advice I can share with clients is to have patience.  Relationships take time and patience to grow and develop.  Our most important job with our dogs is to protect them and to keep them safe.  Our dogs look to us for guidance and support.  Training your dog not only provides life saving skills it also grows the bond between you and your dog.  Dedication and training provides you with the skills needed to be the leader your dog deserves and helps to grow and nurture an amazing connection between you and your dog.

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