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team member since June 2014


My Why:

I joined clevercanines because I appreciate the inclusiveness of the company with no discrimination against breeds of dogs or dog behaviours. clevercanines provides all clients with exceptional education that positively influences how we behave around our dogs. This gives clients the opportunity to understand their dog and build that trusting relationship with their canine companion. 

I love to share with others the fact that the unique thing about clevercanines, is that training doesn’t stop in the classroom.  Learning and training is constant and goes beyond the classroom; it must be incorporated into your everyday life. There is a true sense of freedom when you can trust your dog to behave in a way that you never thought possible.


My Advice:

You are not alone! Everyone in class at one point of another has been where you are, so we all have a deep understanding of what you are going through and how you feel (especially at those moments of pure frustration) and your clevercanines team is ALWAYS on hand to ensure you feel supported. 

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