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All forms of arts have always inspired me, mainly music and dance. Dance has always enchanted me both for the technical part and for the emotion it is capable of inspiring in us!
Samba and all Latin Dances arouse joy and high spirits in people. Belly Dance works on femininity, elegance and beauty, sometimes danced with lightness and softness and sometimes danced with precision and energy; for me it is something so passionate that I cannot put it into words.

I often went to watch Belly Dance Shows and was so inspired by the ensemble (music, dances and
performances) that I got home and needed to dance so I could go sleep!

I love to teach first because I love the human being and I also love to share knowledge and inspire people. I also learn, all the time, with every student that comes through my life. Some students and teachers that I met through dance have become special, close friends, I am very grateful that the dance gave me this gift!

I am also very happy to see each student overcome challenges and start dancing. When I started to learn belly dance in 2000, I had a hard time making some movements, it makes me a patient teacher, and with the certainty that anyone of any body and age can dance!

I am very grateful to God for all my achievements. The dance brought to my personal life, healing of my feminine and every day I become more secure and with the acceptance of being who I am.
The opportunity to choreograph, organize events, offer the opportunity for all students to dance is
very wonderful! Also becoming a Yoga teacher and sharing this practice with many other students is a blessing!

I consider the two greatest achievements in my life: 1st, through yoga to help people live with more
physical, mental and emotional health, less medicine and more at peace. 2nd: complete my social project lasting 5 years, where I taught Belly Dance to low-income teenagers in Brazil. Three of them became teachers and performed professionally.

My dream is that Belly Dance can reach all women in the world and that Yoga is taught in schools as a mandatory subject for children!

With love,
Carolina Memória

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