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Zoe VanWest has enjoyed bringing joy and amazement to her audiences for over a decade of professional entertainment and performance. Her students love her instruction, as she openly and willingly shares her knowledge, and inspires them into feeling like a dancer almost immediately! She loves giving opportunities to all levels to share in the joy of creating and participating in performances. As a choreographer and performer, she has an eye for the dramatic as she creates astounding stage spectacle! As an instructor, performer, and music producer, Zoe graces stages from EDM festivals to belly dance showcases. Her troupe Ananda delights audiences, performing together for over a decade. Her Ananda Format, an approach to belly dance vocabulary and performance technique which incorporates Indian, Cambodia, and American dance influences. Zoe is well rooted in these traditions, holding ia UNESCO certification in Rajasthani music, dance, and culture, and a Certification in Community Leadership in the Arts from the University of Michigan. Come study her unique blend of Eastern and Western dance traditions, experience her giving spirit, and enjoy her musical compositions!

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