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The Bridge Yoga
702 University Drive East Suite 102D, College Station, Texas 77840, USA
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Yoga Therapy


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About the Class

Will focus on different aspects of yoga and different areas of the body, with emphasis on flexibility emerging from strength, freedom of movement, and balance.  Classes are designed for all levels of experience to help each person discover yoga as a path to health and explore Yoga’s infinite possibilities. All postures and movements will be adapted to benefit each individual. Each week introduces a new aspect of Yoga and area of the body,  Week 1       Opening the chest and freeing the shoulders Week 2       Freeing the lower back, pelvis and hips Week 3      Developing leg strength and balance for standing postures and inversions Week 4       Finding flexibility in the spine with forward, back and side bends Week 5         Regulating the nervous system through mind, body and breath Week 6         Putting it all together in a comprehensive yoga class