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Advanced Reporting

Powerful Data at Your Fingertips

Get all the information you need in an instant with our detailed range of reports. Filter and save your favorite reports to your own customizable dashboard so that you can login and start your day with the most important stats.

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Advanced Reporting

Everything You Need to Know

Gain insight into your business by staying on top of all your facts and figures. We track all your data and present it in an easy-to-read format, so you can make informed decisions about marketing, staffing, payroll, inventory, and more!


Stay Focused

Know exactly where your business stands with reports on yearly sales, client visits, and so much more. Plus, customize your own key metrics dashboard to see your preferred data as soon as you login! Each team member can create their own dashboard or you can share yours - it's up to you!



One-Click Reports

Whether you’re looking for yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly reports, QUICKSTATS ™ automatically generates the data you need. Looking for something more specific? Simply provide the exact dates you need - defining your search parameters has never been easier.


Tailor Your Data

Every business owner is unique and will have different requirements for their reports. Get a detailed snapshot of your company with dozens of built-in customizable reports, so you can highlight what’s most important for you.



Simplify Your Numbers

Stay on top of your business and keep tabs on all your sales, returns, and taxes. Plus, track staff wages and tips with our accounting features and easily export all reports in Excel format, compatible with the most popular accounting software: ADP, Paychex, Exact, and Quickbooks.


Never Lose Data

Every action that takes place in your business will have an impact on your bottom line. Our system constantly stores and formats your company’s data, so everything is automatically tracked and saved for you.



Boost Client Retention with AI Churn Prediction

Our cutting-edge AI business coach, Isaac, lets you know which of your clients is most likely to leave your studio, so you can send targeted campaigns to win them back!

Customers say



The reports feature has definitely taken a load off, simplified our process, and saved us a lot of time.

Jenny Jones

Mindful Mule

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Boost Your Business Revenue by +57%

  • Save Time and Grow Faster — Manage your bookings and payments in fewer clicks with easy-to-use features.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty — Level up with your very own custom-branded iOS and Android client apps.
  • Get More Clients — Attract, convert, and retain with a fully-integrated custom website and powerful SEO.

We have significantly improved our member engagement and retention strategies. It’s the ultimate solution!

Steve Cristini
Cristini Athletics
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