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Share your customer reviews online to build credibility for your brand and attract more clients to your business.

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Customer Reviews

Own Your Industry

Customer reviews are a powerful weapon in the battle to win conversions - from lead generation to client retention, strong reviews will help your business soar! WellnessLiving's business management software makes it easy for you to encourage more customer reviews and showcase them online.


Broadcast Your Business

Make it easy for clients to find and leave reviews on your website, Facebook page, WellnessLiving directory listing, or Achieve Client App, fortifying your online reputation and attracting new business.



Automate Your Review Requests

Catch your clients at the perfect moment, while they are still riding high from visiting your business. Set up automated review requests by sending an email, text message, or push notification right after their visit.


Easily Manage Customer Reviews

WellnessLiving's business management software makes it simple to respond to every review, so your clients know you care. Plus, you can show your business in the best light by choosing which reviews to publish online.



Stay on Top of Search Results

WellnessLiving is a verified Google review platform, so you can get your reviews on the first page of your local search results. Reviews also have a positive impact on your SEO. Search engines love fresh content and by encouraging customer reviews, you are generating new copy without any effort and your search ranking will thank you for it.


Track Your Reviews

Stay up to date with your Customer Reviews Report, which records all reviews that have been written about your business within any selected date range. WellnessLiving will also show you a new customer review notification as soon as you login to the software to keep you in the know.


Customers say



I love using the review feature! It allows us to be more communicative with our clientele and really be personal with them.

Nicole Cyrille

Yoga Harmony

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  • Save Time and Grow Faster — Manage your bookings and payments in fewer clicks with easy-to-use features.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty — Level up with your very own custom-branded iOS and Android client apps.
  • Get More Clients — Attract, convert, and retain with a fully-integrated custom website and powerful SEO.

We have significantly improved our member engagement and retention strategies. It’s the ultimate solution!

Steve Cristini
Cristini Athletics
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