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Email, SMS & Push Marketing

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Keep your clients connected to your business by staying in touch using our comprehensive marketing tools.

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Email, SMS & Push Automation

Marketing Made Easy

Set and forget it: WellnessLiving's business management software enables you to setup automated marketing campaigns with customized messaging and triggers. Our software will reach out regularly through text and email to help boost your business and attract new leads.


Go Mobile

It can be easy to miss an email, but everyone keeps up with their text messages. Use our SMS features to reach your customers by text, wherever they may be. Choose which campaigns you want to go out and customize the message for your business. Automate your SMS campaigns to reach out to clients with messages triggered by purchases, visit count or inactivity.



Gain Insight

Stay connected to your clientele through a variety of email campaigns, encouraging them to engage with your business. Whether it's a new lead you're trying to entice, an existing client you want to retain or someone you haven't seen in a while, WellnessLiving is prepared to fight the good fight for you. As a bonus, you can even track each campaign through our powerful reporting system and see how well your strategy is performing based on open rates.


Put Your Business on Autopilot

Find the automations that work for your business and fine tune our marketing templates to get the right message to the right people. Reach out to clients who haven't visited in a few weeks or remind your active members that they have an upcoming expiration date. You can even automate your rewards program to reinforce the actions you want to see your clients take, like leaving reviews and referring their friends. WellnessLiving's hundreds of built-in automations allow you to sit back and relax while our software promotes your business.



Engage Your Clients

Our industry-leading text, email and push notifications will free up your time so you can work on building your business instead of chasing your clients. Choose from over 100 automated email, SMS and push notifications or customize your own to keep your members engaged with your business. Once you get the messaging down, let the software do the work for you and connect regularly with your clients through their inbox, texts and push notifications right on their client app! Confirm bookings, send out reminders, celebrate anniversaries or even announce a new class – managing your clientele has never been easier.


Stay Connected

Initiate conversations with your clients through our exciting two-way SMS feature and give them the opportunity to ask questions and more! Not only will you be notified when they reply, but our software will actually store those communications right in their client profile for easy access.


Customers say



Emails keep my clients engaged, motivated, and educated so at the end we can keep them on as a long-term client.

Maura Vella


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