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Seamless Integration to QuickBooks Online

Streamline the way you manage your business finances with a powerful integration to the industry leading bookkeeping tool, QuickBooks Online.

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Bookkeeping Made Easy

Say goodbye to manual data entry! Finance powered by autymate is the quickest way to connect your business’s transaction data to QuickBooks Online, saving you time while keeping your books accurate and up to date.


Optimize Your Workflow

In just a few clicks you can connect Finance to QuickBooks online where your WellnessLiving’s transactions will automatically synchronize over to QuickBook's as bank deposits, making it really easy to reconcile your books.

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Monitor Connections & Import History

View activity details for your Auty-mations and resolve data import errors within WellnessLiving. Ensure your data is always flowing by setting up email notifications that alert you each time an Auty-mation is completed. No additional login is required.


Integrate QuickBooks Online in 3 Simple Steps

Already a QuickBooks user? Instantly connect QuickBooks to WellnesssLiving and manage all your finances in one place.

Product Management

1. Set Up

Select your accounting workflow


2. Connect

Sign in to your QuickBooks Online Account


3. Automate

Turn on WellnessLiving's All Transaction Report Auty-mation


Remove Manual Processes

  • Automated data imports to QuickBooks Online accounts on a daily basis.
  • Configure SMS and email notifications to get notified when your files and transactions have been processed.
  • Review and manage data that has been imported to QuickBooks Online.
  • Perform data corrections and fix data import error.
  • View the real-time status of your data integration with the summarized reports view.

Pricing Made Simple

49 $49/mo
*FREE 30-Day Trial
  • Connect WellnessLiving to QuickBooks in seconds.
  • Manage finance Auty-mations within WellnessLiving.
  • Save time and reduce manual data entry errors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for using Finance in WellnessLiving?

When you integrate your WellnessLiving account with your QuickBooks Online account via Finance, you’ll receive a 30-day free trial to try out the integration and see whether it’s a good fit for your business. After 30 days, you’ll be charged USD $29 per month per location for the service.

Why are we releasing a beta version of Finance?

We’re releasing a beta version of Finance because we want your feedback on the usability of this new feature. Through the beta version, we aim to capture all your suggestions and implement them so you can effortlessly manage your finance transactions.

How is Finance transferring my data to QuickBooks Online?

When you enable Finance and connect your QuickBooks Online account to Wellnessliving, two Auty-mations will be automatically created. These Auty-mations will sync daily with your All Sales Report and transfer relevant transactions for the day from your All Sales Report to your QuickBooks Online account.

The WL All Sales Report to QuickBooks Deposits (Net Sales) Auty-mation syncs all integrated transactions (such as virtual terminal, card swiper, or ACH) and non-integrated transactions (such as cash, cheques, or pin pad) from the All Sales Report into two deposits in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks, non-integrated deposits are linked to an account called Auty Cash and Check Clearing Account and-integrated deposits are linked to the chart of account you chose during Finance setup. Sales tax isn’t included in these deposits.

The WL All Sales Report to QuickBooks Deposits (Total Taxes) Auty-mation syncs the total amount of sales tax for the day for each integrated (such as virtual terminal, card wiper, or ACH) and non-integrated (such as cash, cheques, or pin pad) from the All Sales Report into two deposits in QuickBooks. The sales tax for non-integrated deposits and integrated deposits will be linked to the same chart of accounts as above. The tax for each transaction for the day will also be linked to the chart of accounts called Sales Tax Payable.

Do I need a QuickBooks Online account to use Finance?

You must have a QuickBooks Online account to use Finance. Currently, WellnessLiving doesn’t provide any QuickBooks subscription plans. If you have an existing QuickBooks Online account, you can connect it with WellnessLiving. If you don’t have a QuickBooks account, you can sign up for an account through the QuickBooks official website or any other authorized QuickBooks provider. You can also set up your QuickBooks Online account while signing up for Finance through Autymate.

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