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Go Virtual with FitLIVE

FitLIVE is an all-in-one solution for your business that allows you to stream live virtual sessions, without needing to use third-party software. Take your business to the next level by offering virtual services directly in WellnessLiving!

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Livestream Anything with Ease

Avoid the hassle of third-party software by running your virtual services directly through WellnessLiving. Make signing up and joining your online services easier than ever by streamlining the experience for both you and your clients!


Eliminate Third-Party Licensing

With FitLIVE, you won't need to switch between different accounts to manage your virtual services. FitLIVE allows you to manage your virtual Appointments, Classes, and Events directly from WellnessLiving's easy-to-use system. Once you've subscribed to FitLIVE and selected the number of licenses you need, you'll get everything in one convenient place. No more confusion for you or your client!



Options for your Clients

Flexibility is key to growing your virtual customer base. FitLIVE has countless options to help you customize your virtual services to the specific needs of your customers. From cloud integration and security settings to meeting options and customer experience, we've got you covered!


Record your Virtual Services

Customers can't make their Class this week? No problem – take advantage of FitLIVE's recording features to provide convenient access to your services after the livestream! With the ability to automatically upload your FitLIVE services directly to your FitVID on Demand libraries, you'll reduce your drop-off rates by helping your clients keep on track with your fitness programs.



Track and Measure Performance

Explore our comprehensive reporting tools to help you understand how your virtual services are performing. With fully integrated reports and notifications, FitLIVE helps you track client attendance, cancellations, views, and much more! Keep track of trends so that you can focus your efforts on growing your customer base through your highest performing services.


All-in-One Software Solution

WellnessLiving's business management software is your all-in-one solution to streamline your operations and help you grow. We developed FitLIVE so that setting up and engaging in virtual services through WellnessLiving is easier for both you and your clients. With FitLIVE, your business can stay competitive in today’s environment, allowing you to offer your services safely and securely.



Use Google to Fill Online Classes

We've partnered with Google to give your business every advantage possible when it comes to growth. Advertise your virtual services using our Reserve with Google integration, an incredible resource that synchronizes with your WellnessLiving schedule and always shows up-to-date information. Leverage Google's reach to help you generate qualified leads and get bookings straight from their search results!


Live Stream in 3, 2, 1…

We’ve made sure that taking your business virtual is as easy as possible. Just follow these three steps:


1. Connect

Subscribe to FitLIVE


2. Setup

Mark your services as virtual


3. Access

Host your online services

Pricing Made Simple

With FitLIVE, we're eliminating the hassle that comes with getting your virtual services up and running.

29 $29/mo
* For a single license
  • Streamlined setting options designed for your business.
  • Easily manage multiple concurrent sessions and upload recordings directly to FitVID on Demand library.
  • Host up to 300 participants with a single license and save on monthly integration fees.

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