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Use FitVid to record and make your classes or sessions available on demand.

On-Demand Videos with FitVID

Create your online curriculum while supporting your brand using WellnessLiving's built in video on-demand platform. Give clients the freedom to access your services on their own schedule by uploading and storing videos online.

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Easily Upload Your Videos

We’ve made sharing your videos online simple so that you can focus on creating amazing content for your community. Since we’ve built FitVID on Demand right into your software, providing your clients access is a breeze and gives you a chance to make a real lasting connection.

Provide Online Classes

Access On-Demand Classes from Anywhere

Your clients will love the flexibility of being able to access your services online, on their own time and from any location. Build your unique online library of videos on-demand to keep your clients engaged with your business and invested in their health. You can even create promotional material that your leads can view, without giving access to your members-only content.


Exclusive Videos

Grant Exclusive Access to Your Clients

Your service has a lot of value, so you don't want to just upload your videos on third party websites for free. You are in complete control of who has access to your videos and you can get really creative with how you manage that access. Upload promotional videos that only prospects can view or make your live stream recording available for only 24 hours after class is finished. Clients-only access will maintain your value, while servicing you membership when they need it.

Enhance Customer Experience

Offer Clients More Value for their Membership

Elevate your memberships by giving your clients exclusive access to your recorded content. Include your video library as part of their existing membership or create an upgraded membership. Build an online curriculum that ties into or compliments your in person sessions. Not only do your clients benefit, but you will have the flexibility to serve your members around the clock.


Going Virtual

Setup in a Few Simple Steps

Making your services available online is so easy, you only need to follow these steps:


1. Pre-Record

Pre-record your classes, appointments and other services.


2. Upload

Upload up to 100 videos in the proper format (mov or mp4).


3. Access

Grant on-demand access to your clients for your services.

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Pricing Made Simple


  • Up to 100 Videos
  • Easily Upload Videos
  • Build Your On-Demand Video Library
  • Grant Exclusive Access to Your Clients
  • Schedule Video Releases
  • Video Analytics & Tags
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Everything in Basic, Plus:
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Additional Video Monetization Options (Coming Soon)
  • Video Reviews (Coming Soon)
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Everything in Premium, Plus:
  • Ideal for large multi-location businesses
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"Our clients love how they have access to classes 24/7!"

Rodger Williams

SWEAT Fitness Center

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