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Transforming Your
Client Experience

Give your clients the individualized experience of tracking their personal fitness stats and rewarding their improved performance.
Dominate your industry with this game-changing tool.


Instant Results

Elevate your business with this one of a kind, results-based programming system. Not only will your clients' achievements be quantified, but you can use the numbers to create friendly competition and increase engagement among all your members.


Immediate Feedback

View and track your client's metrics, heart rate, and calorie burn in a flash. This information will give you valuable insight into the individual needs of each member and help each person understand their own fitness journey better. Tailor your workouts based on the numbers and help your clients achieve their fitness goals.



Create Friendly Competition

Even though the metrics are individualized, you can still use those results to motivate your entire community. Make exercise fun and create friendly competition by showcasing the leaderboard during your class. Clients will be encouraged to climb the ranks by giving it all they've got, enjoying the benefits of improved fitness and a job well done.


Boost Morale

Use our customized rewards and loyalty program to incentivize your members to improve their fitness. Rewarding points based on heart-rate metrics not only motivates your clients to push harder, but really shows them you care. Your investment in their health will add value to their workouts and get the community buzzing when they see those results.



Display Your Data

Staying up-to-date with your clientele's results is completely effortless, as their information will automatically sync to all your systems. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your clients’ data in the gym or on the web, nothing will stand in the way of their success.

Pricing Made Simple

Coming Soon
  • Track Real-Time Fitness Data from Clients
  • Build Friendly Competition with Live Leaderboards
  • Boost Morale and Reward Clients for Their Hard Work
  • Display Client Data Across Multiple Platforms

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