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Forms for All Your Business Needs

Capture all the client information you need for service agreements, product purchases, and more with your own custom-built forms.

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Easily Integrate Forms

Say goodbye to third-party software. You can now easily create custom forms and attach them to your clients bookings or purchases so they can quickly provide you with the information you need.


Create Custom Forms

Whether you need a client survey, intake form or liability agreement; you can create all kinds of user-friendly forms with your choice of custom fields.

Keep Informed

Configurable SETTINGS

Track and Automate Your Forms

Ever have trouble chasing clients for their information? Forms allows you to automatically request completion during service booking and client registration, as well as send reminders for incomplete forms.


Digital Signatures Made Simple

Digital signatures allow clients to sign or initial forms online, eliminating the need for paper waste and the hassle of scanning handwritten documents. It’s fast, contactless, and frees up time for your front desk.



View Forms Your Way

Take work offline by printing client responses or exporting them as CSV or PDF files, where you can sort, filter, and present information as you like.

Library Storage

Save and Retrieve Forms Confidently

Forms securely saves all your client responses in your WellnessLiving account, so you never have to worry about damaged, misplaced, or lost documents. Our reliable library stores your forms for quick and easy viewing at any time.


Getting Started

Setting Up Forms is Easy as 1-2-3...

Set up is a breeze with these simple steps.


1. Create

Design forms for the information you want to capture.


2. Automate

Embed forms with client registration, service booking and purchases to automatically gather responses.


3. Track

View and track responses in WellnessLiving.

Pricing Made Simple

  • Automatically embed Forms with your existing services and purchase options
  • Create and send unlimited forms
  • View and track client responses
  • Send direct links and reminders to clients
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