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Point of Sale and Check-In Hardware

Point of Sale Hardware: Enhance Your Business

Streamline your operations and satisfy all your business needs with the most advanced hardware integrations.



The Latest Technology

WellnessLiving understands how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, while keeping your staff and clients happy. Enjoy effortless transactions and simple sign-ins with a range of point of sale options and the most advanced check-in hardware.

Point of Sale Hardware

Seamless Transactions

Credit Card Swiper

When it comes to collecting payments, you want the process at your front desk to be smooth and have your clients leaving with a good impression. Use the integrated USB swiper to quickly and easily process credit card transactions - this device will plug directly into your desktop or laptop computer and is compatible with both Apple and PC devices.

$79 credit_card_swiper
$127.64 eDynamo swiper

Payments on the Go

Credit Card Mobile Reader

Accept secure transactions on the go with our mobile credit card readers. Available with wireless Bluetooth® connection on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Document/Record Payments

Receipt Printer

If you make a lot of sales in person, then you need our POS receipt printer. Customize what information is shown based on the needs of you and your clients and provide them with your branded receipt immediately after they make a purchase. You can even configure this device to automatically open your cash drawer every time you print a receipt.

$399 receipt_printer
$159 cash_drawer

Added security

Cash Drawer

Secure your cash sales by locking your bills and change in our cash drawer. The only way to gain access to your money will be to have the key or to configure the drawer to open every time you use our receipt printer. You are in complete control and can walk away from your desk without a single worry.

track inventory

Barcode Label Printer

Spending money at your business just got easier! Our barcode label printer pairs perfectly with our barcode scanner and is a great option for business owners who like to track their inventory. Create unique barcode label designs and label all the merchandise you have for sale. Better yet, create a list of items for sale, including memberships, with their associated barcodes right at your front desk. Now when a purchase is scanned through, WellnessLiving will automatically put that item in the online store cart and adjust your inventory levels.

$299 Barcode-Label-Printer

Check-In Hardware

$349 scanner

Lightning Speed


Simplify your client check-in process using our versatile scanner, easily configurable and compatible with Apple and PC computer. A quick flash of the client's ID on a key tag or from their Achieve Client App will get them into their service right away. You can also pair this scanner with our barcode printer to better track your your inventory and expedite your in-person sales.

collect autographs

Signature Pad

Say goodbye to pen and paper and collect electronic signatures for your waivers and contracts with the integrated signature pad. This signature pad is perfect for your front desk and an ideal alternative to using your computer's mouse. Connected to your Windows PC with just a few clicks, WellnessLiving's signature pad has a seamless integration that will streamline your registration process.

$199 signature_pads
Setup $50 key_tags

Convenience at its Best

Key Tags

A great option to pair with our barcode scanner, these key tags make it easy for clients to sign-in, collect rewards points, and more. Choose from a variety of key tags and stay top of mind with your membership through branding and the constant jingling reminder that they need to visit you and your business!

Per Card

Paragon Terminals

Tap, Chip, or PIN Pad. NFC/CTLS Enabled. EMV Ready.
With a sleek professional look, each terminal from Verifone is designed with the latest in security and technology, providing your business with reduced rates to scale effortlessly. Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For customers using the merchant processor Paragon only.


High-End Touch

Increase client engagement and drive efficiency with advanced capacitive, color touchscreen technology to elevate the POS experience. And with just one cable, your front desk will be sleek and clutter-free.

$329 high_end_touch
$279 smart_countertop_solution


Smart Countertop Solution

Experience the future of payment collection with our cutting-edge non-touch countertop solution. Accept all payment types, from traditional credit cards to mobile wallets, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our end-to-end encryption and tokenization technology, keeping your sensitive data secure.

Boost Your Business Revenue by +57%

  • Save Time and Grow Faster — Manage your bookings and payments in fewer clicks with easy-to-use features.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty — Level up with your very own custom-branded iOS and Android client apps.
  • Get More Clients — Attract, convert, and retain with a fully-integrated custom website and powerful SEO.

We have significantly improved our member engagement and retention strategies. It’s the ultimate solution!

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