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Isaac AI Assistant

Intelligent Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of your business and retain more clients with the help of your very own virtual coach. Isaac works 24/7 to get you the best information before it's too late.

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Isaac AI assistant

Know Your Business Inside Out

Meet Isaac, our brand new machine learning component of the software - artificial intelligence is here! Developed with the help of the most brilliant minds at York University, you’re now able to have unprecedented insight into your business.

Your Business at a Glance

Intelligent Business Dashboard with Key Metrics

Have you noticed a change in your membership, but can't pinpoint any patterns or reasons as to why? With your own customizable Business Health Dashboard, you’ll be able to track and view key metrics and performance indicators to help you plan your next move.


Customer Churn Predictions

Retain More Customers

Isaac will generate a report to show you who is statistically most likely to leave, based on the data he's been tracking from your business. With this information, you can shift your strategy to keeping these members or focusing on your loyal clientele. Stay connected to your clients through a variety of email campaigns, plus find out how well your strategy is performing based on open rates.

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Dynamic Pricing

Maximize your revenue by dynamically adjusting the price of your services to boost class occupancy.


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