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Manage Staff

The Ultimate Staff
Administrative Tool

Enjoy the freedom of managing your staff in person or remotely using WellnessLiving's staff management tools.

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Full scale staff administrative and business management platform for gyms, studios, yoga, dance, wellness and massage

Manage Staff

Coordinate Your Team

Allow your business to flow seamlessly by setting your staff up for success. Just a few simple clicks to set staff roles and responsibilities, assign tasks, track pay and much more.

Direct your team


You are in control of your own information and who can make changes to your business. Create and assign staff roles with specific permissions for your team members and they will only be able to access the areas of your business that you need them to.

Staff responsibilities, assign staff and manage their time and access
Customize working hours for staff at your gym or studio

Schedule your staff

Working Hours

Update your staff's working hours so that clients can only book services when they are available. Completely automate your online booking system by setting your team's unavailable times for breaks, days off, or vacation time.

Stay connected


Keep your staff up to date through automatic email, SMS, and push notifications. Whether your clients have canceled their upcoming visit or you have made changes to their assigned tasks, your team will get notified instantly.

Connect with your studio and gym users by sending automated SMS, emails and push notifications
Customize your task manager to organize staff members.

Communicate your needs

Task Manager

Create and assign tasks to your team so that you can stay on top of your business' needs. On top of the visible notification your staff will see when they sign in, there is the added bonus of sending customized notifications to individual staff so your instructions do not get overlooked.

Calculate payments

Pay Rates

Whether you pay by the service, by the hour, a commission rate or have a more detailed setup, you can set advanced, customized pay rates, with multiple options for each staff member. Stay on top of your payroll with our detailed reports, easily exported in formats compatible with ADP, Paychex, Exact and Quickbooks.

Customize and automate pay rates for your studio and gym employees
Set specific location settings for your team members

Map out your team

Location Management

Stay organized by setting specific availability for your staff members who work in multiple locations. You can even go further and streamline your operations by allowing specific permissions for team members at those locales.

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Positive testimonial for WellnessLiving’s easy to use staff management system

When people come on board, it's so much easier for them! We love it and use it daily!

Angela Wager

Yoga Sport

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