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Direct Mail Postcards

Create Meaningful Connections

Make an impression and connect with your clientele offline by sending them personalized postcards using our direct mail campaigns.

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Postcards in the mail

Provide a Unique Experience

Everyone is used to making all of their connections online, but you can stand out from the competition with a personal touch. Individualized custom postcards show your clients you care and that you're willing to go the extra mile for them.


Set Up Direct Mail Campaigns

WellnessLiving's business management software makes it easy to implement your very own direct mail campaign and send postcards straight to your clients’ doors. Show your clients you care whether it's to wish them a happy birthday or offer an amazing discount - customize your message and use variables to personalize each postcard.



Easily Customize Designs

Stay in touch with clients during holidays, birthdays, and more by creating your own postcard for every occasion. Not everyone is an artist at heart, but WellnessLiving is here to guide you to success with our design templates that you can work with to perfect your message and support your business' brand.


Keep a Complete Record

WellnessLiving will automatically document all your direct mail campaigns with a report showing you the postcard's details, which clients it went to and a sent confirmation. Promote a special offer using a unique discount code and your software will track how often it is redeemed and make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget.


Pricing Made Simple

$0.80 /postcard 0.80
  • Build and Design Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Track Campaign Performance
  • Letters coming soon
  • Invoices coming soon
Get started US and Canadian Customers Only
Get started US and Canadian Customers Only

Customers say



The postcard feature really helps me make a more special connection with my clients.

Marcy Ready

Orlando Body & Movement Therapy

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