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Create excitement among your clientele by introducing some friendly competition and boosting retention with our fully integrated rewards program.

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Rewards Program

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A strong loyalty program builds community and increases client engagement. From free services to discounts to prizes, your clients will always be eager to join in the fun and win more from your business.

Incentivize Loyalty

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

WellnessLiving's business management software makes it simple to launch your own rewards program. It’s quick to set up with no addons required.

Customize your client’s reward program for your studio and gym.


Choose the actions your clients are rewarded for, the number of points they earn, and the prizes they win.

Incentivize and reward your clients at your fitness studio.


Use points to encourage your clients to take these actions and a leaderboard to spark competition.

Reward your gym and studio members with prizes.


Clients can redeem their own points for discounts or they can come to you to present them with prizes


Gamify Your Business

Allow your clients to automatically earn points for taking actions like attending your services, buying merchandise, or sharing reviews online. Not only will this improve your brand and increase sales, but your clients will have fun engaging with your business in the ways that you want them to. The best part is that everything about your rewards program is totally customizable and up to you.

Earn reward and points by referring a friend


Get your members to help you grow your client base by awarding points for actions you want them to take, like referring friends and family.

Earn reward and points through attendance

Attendance & Purchases

Improve sales and attendance by awarding points for attending classes and making purchases through your online store.

Earn reward and points by leave social media reviews

Social Media & Reviews

Get your business and brand more attention by encouraging clients to write online reviews and share them with friends on social media.



Show Your Clients You Care

Nobody knows your business or your clients better than you do, that's why we have made the rewards program customizable - so you can make choices that show your membership you really care. Reward your clients with free services, discounts, merchandise, custom prizes, and more! Choose prizes that suit your budget and business model, and incentivize your clients to earn as many points as possible.


Create Friendly Rivalry

Your clients can see where they rank based on their total number of rewards points using our live leaderboard. Let friends compete for most weekly workouts or connect your community by initiating group challenges. You can create separate, unique competitions to really get everyone engaged and even offer some really exciting prizes people will want to fight for.


Customers say



The built-in rewards program makes it super easy and fun for clients to earn points!

Joseph Hsiung

Fight Fitness

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Boost Your Business Revenue by +57%

  • Save Time and Grow Faster — Manage your bookings and payments in fewer clicks with easy-to-use features.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty — Level up with your very own custom-branded iOS and Android client apps.
  • Get More Clients — Attract, convert, and retain with a fully-integrated custom website and powerful SEO.

We have significantly improved our member engagement and retention strategies. It’s the ultimate solution!

Steve Cristini
Cristini Athletics
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