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Kathryn first discovered Pilates as a college student. She found the quiet and concentrated movements calming and helpful with balancing the demands of college life and internship work.  Empowered by the method, she sought out Pilates studios in Europe while studying abroad and ultimately followed the path of teacher training and teaching.

Two decades later, Kathryn fully appreciates the focus and measurable strength that Pilates yields as the body ages. She attributes her stamina and agility to her own dedicated Pilates practice which supported her through four pregnancies and gives her the energy to keep up with her four children.

Kathryn teaches because she loves seeing clients realize physical and aesthetic changes in their own bodies. In her experience this is especially true for seasoned athletes and devoted exercisers; they are always the most surprised by how Pilates enables them in new ways and offers continual beneficial challenges.

Kathryn is a classically trained, certified Pilates instructor and a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

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