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John was first introduced to kettlebell training shortly after his first child was born in 2008. A chance encounter with Ryan at the gym one day opened his eyes to a new and more effective method of strength and cardio training. And as a new dad, John didn’t want parenthood to get in the way of his health.
Now as a father of three children, John continues to utilize kettlebells as an effective and efficient tool to keep up with his kids… if not ahead of them. Even with the demands of daily life – after school activities, weekend basketball games, swimming lessons – and his day job in information technology, the training he has learned since starting at TNT Performance allows him to do those things and still have time to improve his overall health.
Since John started using kettlebells, he has developed a great appreciation for how much improvement can be gained using basic movements and paying attention to detail (the smallest of details can end up making the biggest of differences). In 2009 he attended the inaugural HKC certification which expanded his knowledge in those two areas, and he enjoys passing that information on to others in order to help them accomplish things they didn’t initially think possible.

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