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I am a Personal Trainer who believes in the body's amazing ability to heal itself and have adapted techniques from a variety of different disciplines on my journey out of chronic pain. An injury during my Jiu Jitsu class forced me to completely re-think how I look at exercise, movement and maintenance of the human body.

It is my belief after experience and extensive study that over time our mucles and connective tissue can get restricted and incumbered dur to becoming sedentary,injured, or just caugght up in repetitive movements, poor alignment and postures and time.

We live in a culture where moving as little aas possible has long been considered a sign of success or affluence. This tendency to delegate natural movement whenever possible hasa led to a population that is sedentary to a degree yet unpredidented in human history. Reserchers are only beginning to understand the health implications that lay in front of us.

cerified CanFitPro PTS and FIS

2 year Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma from Humber College

Level 2 Eldoa Practitioner

Certified Urban Pole Walking Instructor 

Experienced with a wide variety of Exercise Modalities including : Move in Mind Metthod, Fuctional Patterns, Yoga,Myofascial Stretching, and Neurokinetic Therapy.

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