EMF Fitness Centre - Surfers Paradise

Fitness Studio  in Gold Coast , QLD

3184 Surfers Paradise Blvd Level 1
Gold Coast , QLD , 4217
Fitness Studio in Gold Coast, QLD

EMF Fitness Centre - Surfers Paradise

Get directions 3184 Surfers Paradise Blvd Level 1
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Gold Coast , QLD , 4217
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EMF Fitness Centre was created to bring a more professional and personalised service to the everyday person without the added expensive.
Scott and Leigh co-founded EMF Fitness Centre with the idea of bringing a complete fitness model to the general population. Our goal is to have a fitness facility that catered for everyones needs without the over crowding and limited equipment.
Upon leaving the military and moving to the Gold Coast, we failed to find a gym that we thought provided the right equipment and service to suit all of our fitness needs to the highest standards. After speaking to clients and friends we realised that many people make do with what is provided but are never 100% satisfied. Subsequently, many people shift from gym to gym in order to find the one that works the best for them.
This is when we decided to create EMF Fitness centre. With the size of a large gymnasium the personal service of a health club and with the affordability of a small 24hr gym.  With the introduction of our new cross training classes, spin and new gym equipment, EMF Fitness centre is the complete package, have a chat to us and we will ensure we can cater for you too.
EMF Fitness Centre is here to provide a service that encourages everyone to use all of its facilities and achieve results that benefit their health and lifestyle. We want to provide people with a variety of classes, trainers and staff that can assist them not only with their fitness but also improve their knowledge on how to train effectively.
Join today and recieve a free personal training session to get you heading in the right direct.
Adult,  Seniors
Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced
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EMF Fitness Centre - Harbour Town
147-189 Brisbane Rd, Gold Coast, QLD, 4217, Australia
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