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RPM "LIVE" • $20.00

RPM is an awesome studio cycling class, which will lead you on a journey of total calorie destruction in 45 minutes! RPM is fantastic for shaping and toning your lower body and will dramatically increase your fitness levels. If you are skiing or snowboarding this ski season, RPM is a must for you! It is a perfect class if you are new to group fitness, it is a low impact, safe, work out for all levels of fitness with intensity controlled by you. For RPM we offer 30 minute, 50 minute and 60 minute formats.

Special instructions

Please bring a water bottle and towel to class. All bikes have the option to use cleats, so feel free to bring your cycling shoes with you. No bike shoes ? no problem comfortable joggers are fine.

This class is also offered:
Monday, November 18th
6:15 - 7:05am Various Instructors
12:30 - 1:20pm Various Instructors
12:30 - 1:20pm Various Instructors
Tuesday, November 19th
5:45 - 6:35pm Various Instructors
Wednesday, November 20th
6:15 - 7:05am Various Instructors

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