CompleteBody 57th Street

Fitness Studio  in New York , NY

301 East 57th Street 5th Floor
New York , NY , 10022
Fitness Studio in New York, NY

CompleteBody 57th Street

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New York , NY , 10022
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Our philosophy

CompleteBody programs build on the proponents of creating a COMPLETE body, using holistic techniques from both Eastern and Western cultures.

Founder Alex Reznik, with a “no-pain/no gain” perspective in his years as an elite fitness trainer for the Russian Military, changed his attitude after working with Deepak Chopra and drawing insights from time spent at the Chopra Center. He created the CompleteBody system to reflect enhancing and maintaining the body through a collaboration of elements, all essential to achieving health and wellness.

The CompleteBody System includes the Six Essential Elements: Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Nutrition, Meditation and Rest.

We approach fitness and well-being from a stance of preventative and proactive measures, offering customized solutions to fit needs of every individual.


CompleteBody Downtown (Hanover Square)
10 Hanover Sq., New York, NY, 10005, USA
CompleteBody 19th Street
22 West 19th St, New York, NY, 10011, USA
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