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Marc has over 20 years of experience in the health/fitness and weight loss industry. First by discovering his own transformation with fitness and the benefits it has regarding your overall well-being. Then as a personal trainer in the greater New York area. Working with a very diverse clientele of busy professionals, athletes, dancers, artists, and other personal trainers in the industry. Following his entrepreneurial spirit Marc founded All Level Fitness LLC to personally brand his own style of Fitness & Personal Development to those who are serious about taking care of their bodies & positively influencing others around them. Those that realize that being “fit & healthy” go far beyond the time spent in the gym, or “sets & reps”. He loves staying up to date with current fitness trends and techniques and then passing that knowledge on to his clients and other trainers. Marc takes tremendous pride in the effect he has on his clients outside of the gym. His motto is 50% of progress is accomplished outside of the gym!

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