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Apr 22, 2023

Liane G.

It had been a decade since I'd had a regular exercise routine and I badly needed one. My lower back had been hurting the past few years. Everything I did - from gardening to kayaking to vacuuming, aggravated it. At a friend's urging, I tried one of Jackie's classes and immediately loved it. Soon my back started to improve and today, it is so much better, thanks to the strengthening of all my core muscles. But there's more. Mindful Movement works both the body and the mind, connecting one to the other in a way that strengthens each. Jackie, our instructor and founder of the company, guides us along in each class, focusing our minds on small, repetitive movements that flow one into the other until by the end, every muscle has been exercised and my mind is more at peace. I receive so many benefits from this exercise class. One, my body is stronger than it ever was. I notice the difference in everything I do - from skating to vacuuming to lifting my kayak with ease. I am aware of my physicality in a way I never was before. My movements feel more precise, more fluid. My body feels more in control. This new physical confidence carries over into the rest of my life. Mindful movement also strengthens me mentally. Paying attention to my movements and breathing during class enhances my own practice of mindfulness and improves my concentration in my daily life. To top it all off, I get a great psychological boost from this class. My day goes much better when I've done this exercise first! Jackie is a kind, skillful and thoughtful instructor. She explains how to modify an exercise if we need to. She also challenges us, which is great. I love and need to be challenged, especially at my age. (I'm in my 60s!) Joining Evolve Mindful Movement has been one of the best things I've done for myself. Do yourself a favor and try it out. You'll be giving yourself a wonderful gift of strength, resilience and peace by joining Evolve. Hope to see you there!