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Hometown: Providence
3 words that describe my class: Focus / Form / Strength
Signature Move: There are a lot of great one liners that can fill this space however I have 2: The Clean and Press and watching Chris Major (a true professional) train anyone!
No playlist is complete without: Pink Floyd / Queensryche / The Weeknd / The Beatles / Adele / Dave Matthews Band / Staind
My theme song: Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
Favorite pre-workout snack: Anything with 160 mg or more of Caffeine
Guilty pleasure: Anything from Wildflour
When I'm not at the studio, I am:producing my signature brand of Peanut and Almond Butters. Hanks Protein Plus is the healthiest, best tasting, highest in quality protein infused nut butter on the market!
At my CORE: I am a trainer of Core Member Champions! I try to bring out the YOU that YOU didn’t know existed, an inner strength both physically and mentally giving you those tools at your disposal every day, for every situation.

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