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Yoga • $20.00

At Striation 6 we offer a variety of Yoga classes, to satisfy all levels. For the absolute beginner, our Yoga Basics class will introduce you to the assortment of postures traditionally utilized in most Yoga classes. Hatha Yoga postures form the basis for our all-level Yoga classes. Our Power Yoga class is geared to both beginner and intermediate levels, with more emphasis on postures from the primary series from Ashtanga Yoga. This gives Power Yoga more of a flow to the postures. Our Vinyasa Flow class, also beginner to intermediate level, is a dynamic style of Yoga where poses are linked with the breath. This style of flow keeps the body warm and engaged throughout the class. Postures are performed dynamically as well as statically with an emphasis on joint strength, mobility and alignment. As with all Yoga classes at Striation 6, we request you bring your own Yoga mat for hygienic reasons. Yoga mats are not supplied. We do not offer Hot Yoga at Striation 6 as it presents more physical risks than benefits to most participants. If you are someone who enjoys Hot Yoga, we invite you to proceed with caution, and to inquire about our position on Hot Yoga practices at

This class is also offered:
Monday, May 30th
7:30 - 8:30pm Parool Joshi

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