Groupon integration

Groupon integration allows you to integrate deals that you have offered to prospective clients via Groupon with your WellnessLiving system. This eliminates the need for manual overhead when onboarding these daily deal prospects.

With this tool, you can create the Groupon deal within WellnessLiving and randomly generate or manually enter the voucher codes necessary to redeem them. You do not use this tool to assign deals to your clients. Rather, after you provide the necessary voucher code, your clients can redeem the deal via the gift card or redemption code interface under the billing section of their profile.

All you need to do is set up the deal within WellnessLiving and then provide the voucher code to the client. This can be done directly, or through the third party that is offering the deal.

To learn more about setting up, offering, and managing your Groupon deals in WellnessLiving, see:

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