April Release


Another month, another awesome update!  We’ve been busy over here at WellnessLiving, taking your feedback and making it a reality.  This month, not only can you expect improvements to software speed and usability, but you can also expect some serious upgrades to functionality.  Without further ado, buckle up and get ready for yet another exciting list of new WellnessLiving features which will be available to you today!

Some of the biggest changes include:

Quick Buy

We know, you have a lot going on!  Running your business usually means doing at least a hundred things at once.  For this reason (and because of popular demand), we have created the ability to make Quick Buy items available during the booking process!  The client wants to buy a bottle of water when they check in?  No problem!  You don’t even need to leave the attendance list.  Here’s how it works…

This product is available for Quick Buy

The first step is pretty easy.  All you have to do is choose which items can be sold quickly, and then choose which services have Quick Buy available.  Here’s what it looks like.


Setting up Quick Buy from the Product options

Make purchases while booking or while managing your attendance

Actually, the next part is pretty easy too!  When booking a client for a service, and even through the attendance list, you can quickly make a purchase for any Quick Buy item without ever having to leave your page.  The checkout happens from this screen, and you can go straight back to managing your schedule, giving you even more time to focus on the things that matter most to you.


Quick Buy from the Attendance List

Client Groups

Statistics matter, and knowledge is power.  In a perfect world, the weather is always sunny and you should be able to pull up any information about your clients that you want.  Although we can’t control the weather, we think we just made your life a little easier with Client Groups.  With this exciting new feature, you can tag any group of clients from any report, and then you can run any other report with just those clients listed.  This will easily help you track client retention, sales by group; the list goes on.  Want to save the group and get some more information later?  You can do that too.



List of Clients in a saved Group

Adding Clients to a Group or a Quick Group

All of your Client reports just got cooler.  With the addition of Groups functionality (as seen below), you can create groups and add Clients to them on the fly.  Any group that you create will then become an available filter that you can access from any other client report.  Only looking for temporary information?  Add these clients to a Quick Group.  These clients will only be saved until you are logged out, and you can clear your Quick Group at any time.


Product Cost and the Inventory on Hand Report

Alright, we know you’re a bit overwhelmed with all this cool stuff.  Maybe we should have given you a proper warning, but it’s too late now so let’s just keep going.  The next new feature you will have at your fingertips shortly is a huge improvement to our inventory tracking system.  Not only do you now have the ability to make adjustments to your entire inventory on-hand list from a single report, but with an added “Cost” field to all products, you will always know the value of what you have on-hand.  You can filter by Location, Supplier and print inventory lists for counting.  Can we get three cheers for simplicity?


Inventory On Hand Report

Purchase Option Conversion

Sure, our Purchase Options are pretty powerful.  They can do almost anything, but more freedom is always better, right?  With the introduction of Purchase Option Conversion, you now have even more power in your hands when it comes to billing your clients.  With this shiny new option, you can actually make any purchase option turn into any other purchase option of the same service type.  What’s a real world example?  Let’s say your clients are always on a one year contract when signing up for your business, but once that month is up you want them to be month-to-month?  All you have to do is set up a conversion.  Once the membership expires, it will automatically become whatever Purchase Option you choose.


Setting up Purchase Option Conversion

And as always, much more…

A large number of small improvements have been made site wide.

If you have any specific feature requests, please email support. We can’t promise to implement your feature, but we are constantly looking to improve and we value your feedback.